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Learn how to set up webhook integration

Forward subscription events to your own web server.

When you activate a Webhook, Adapty sends a POST verification event in the following format:

    adapty_check: {{check_string}}

Your server must respond with 200 or 201 code and return event containing:

    adapty_check_response: {{check_string}}

with the same check_string

After that Adapty sends POST events about your users.

Event structure

Refer to the Events section to understand which events Adapty sends.

Each event is wrapped into the following structure

  "profile_id": "772204ce-ebf6-4ed9-82b0-d8688ab62b01",
  "customer_user_id": "[email protected]",
  "event_type": "non_subscription_purchase",
  "event_datetime": "2020-02-18T18:40:22.000000+0000",
  "event_properties": <event specific properties>,
  "event_api_version": 1


profile_idstrAdapty user ID.
customer_user_idstrDeveloper user ID. For example, it can be your user UUID, email, or any other ID. Null if you didn't set it.
event_typestrLower cased event name.
event_api_versionintCurrent Adapty API version. The current value is 1.
event_propertiesjsonJSON of event properties.

Event names mapping

You can change the mapping from default Adapty event names to your own

Changing event nameChanging event name

name can be any string except a blank.

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Learn how to set up webhook integration

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