Service Account Key File

Learn how to configure Android service account key file

This key is used for server-side purchase verification. Obtaining the key is a bit tricky but you'll do it only once. You must be the owner of the project to proceed.

  1. Open Google Play Console settings.

New Google Play ConsoleNew Google Play Console

Old (Classic) Google Play ConsoleOld (Classic) Google Play Console

  1. Select API access.

Old (Classic) Google Play ConsoleOld (Classic) Google Play Console

  1. Click Link to connect your Play account to a Google Developer Project.

  1. Under the Service Accounts section click Create Service Account.

  1. Click the link to open Google API Console.

  1. Click Create Service Account.

  1. Enter the name of the service account.

  1. Set the role to Project Owner.

  1. Click Create Key and download JSON. This is the key you will upload to Adapty Dashboard, but you're not done yet;)

  1. Go back to Google Play Console (API Access) and click Grant Access on the service account that you've just created.

  1. Grant View app information, Financial Data, and Store Presence permissions and create the user. That's it, don't forget to upload JSON file to Adapty Dashboard.

  1. Optional. It takes at least 24 hours for changes to take effect but there's a hack. In Google Play Console, open Your App Dashboard -> Store Presence -> In-app Products. Change the description of any product, click Save. Everything should be working now, you can revert in-app changes. If not, make sure Google Play Android Developer API is enabled in Google Cloud Platform API Library.

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