Real-time Developer Notifications (RTDN)

Learn how to configure Android real-time developer notifications (RTDN)

Real-time developer notifications (RTDN) allow receiving updates the moment they occur in Play Store, tracking refunds, and more. We highly recommend setting them up.

To enable sending Google Play RTDN to Adapty, make sure that Cloud Pub/Sub API is enabled and your
Service Account Key File has Owner permissions. Upload the key to Adapty, as described here.
Adapty will automatically create all needed resources in your Google Cloud, and the topic name will appear in the Google Play RTDN topic name field on Android SDK settings page.

Copy and paste its value into the Topic name field found at App Dashboard -> Monetization setup page of Google Play Console, click Send test notification to make sure everything works, and save the changes.

New Google Play ConsoleNew Google Play Console

If you use Old (Classic) Google Play Console, set up RTDN at App Dashboard -> Development Tools -> Services & APIs.

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