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Learn how to set up integration with Adjust

To integrate Adjust go to Integrations > Adjust and set credentials.

Adjust works a bit differently from other platforms. You need to manually create events in Adjust dashboard, get event tokens, and copy-paste them to appropriate events in Adapty.

Open your Adjust dashboard and you'll see your apps.

App in AdjustApp in Adjust


You may have different Adjust applications for iOS and Android, so in Adapty you have two independent sections for that. If you have only one Adjust app, just fill in the same information

Copy App Token and paste it to Adapty.

Copy App TokenCopy App Token

Now you need to find event tokens for all events that you want Adapty to send. To do that go to All Settings.

All SettingsAll Settings


Event tokenEvent token

Copy event token and paste to Adapty.

SDK configuration

It's very important to send Adjust attribution data from the device to Adapty using Adapty.updateAttribution() SDK method. The example below shows how to do that.

extension AppDelegate: AdjustDelegate {
    func adjustAttributionChanged(_ attribution: ADJAttribution?) {
        if let attribution = attribution?.dictionary() {
            Adapty.updateAttribution(attribution, source: .adjust)
val config = AdjustConfig(context, adjustAppToken, environment)
config.setOnAttributionChangedListener { attribution ->
    attribution?.let { attribution ->
        Adapty.updateAttribution(attribution, AttributionType.ADJUST)

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Learn how to set up integration with Adjust

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